This week’s mantra for joy, love and abundance

I am a magnet for joy, love and abundance

After having being introduced to the concept of the ‘Miracle Morning’, a book written about Hal Elrod (the book can be found here and here is a podcast with Hal and Jess Lively). I have not read the book myself but a quick Google search will give you more on the six different steps of the miracle morning. Affirmation (or mantra, I am using them interchangeably throughout this text) is one of the steps I am currently making an effort to include into my morning ritual as I believe it could help me at my current state. I switch out my mantras on a weekly basis, mostly because it was more convenient for me. I think it would be too much to have a new one for every day. This now allows me more time to really dig into the mantra, contemplate it and most important, remember it.

My mantra for this week is ‘I am a magnet for joy, love, and abundance‘. I Googled mantras and I found a couple of lists which I copied down into my notebook that comes with me everywhere.
I take a couple of minutes, just after my meditation practice to repeat my mantra a couple of times in my head. I spend some time to really visualise the words in my head and try to make my whole body resonate with this sentence before I get on with my day.

In my daily job I have some natural breaks, when I move from one task to another were I take a couple of deep breaths and repeat my mantra a couple of times, and again really thinking about the meaning behind the words. It is mostly during the day that questions around the mantra comes up. ‘What does this really mean to me‘, ‘how can I manifest this thought more‘ and of course my ego has to come in to the conversation with it’s fear and negative comments ‘how can this be true?‘.

I am looking forward to see where this week’s mantra can take me, what I can discover about myself by just repeating this sentence and meditate over it.


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